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Persistent Productions specializes in video production.  Our staff of professional videographers let no detail go unnoticed!  We spend hours filming and days editing your corporate video into the masterpiece it deserves to be. Our producers will keep you informed and updated on the process of creating your video. Our producers are friendly, creative, skilled and persistent with getting the job on schedule.  Persistent Productions uses Final Cut Studio 2 - an Industry Leading Software Package found on most television and movie sets.  Final Cut Studio allows our experienced editors to turn your video into a broadcast quality production.    The value of a video production company also lies in the editing abilities, and that quality is the difference that sets us apart from other companies. Please call and speak with our friendly and knowledgeable staff about corporate video production services today.  You will not be disappointed! View a sample below.

We provide video production services that include commercials, informational training, Creative and

Music videos.

  1. BulletAll Digital Recording in HD

  2. BulletState of the art editing software and personnel.

  3. BulletPersistent Productions is the All-in-one video production company. We offer scripting, casting, Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production, duplication, replication and online delivery of your video.

Rates and Prices

  1. Video Editor = $75 per hour

  Videographer = $140 per hour

(includes DVCPRO HD Camera rental)

(minimum 2 hours)

Call for custom pricing for projects such as Commercials, Informational, Training, Creative, and Music Videos

Prior Clients

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